Welcome to Oyama24

Finally, a convenient take away/ delivery outlet that emphasises traditional style, restaurant quality, japanese cuisine.

Oyama 24 is located in the leafy bay side village of Mt. Eliza, situated between Melbourne and the ever popular "foodie" destination of the Mornington Peninsula.

Oyama 24 is owned and run by qualified japanese chefs that have worked in award winning restaurants locally for 20 years. Yasu (head chef and owner) began his time in Australia over 20 years ago as a buyer of the quality seafood products that Australia has at its doorstep for export to Japan. It was then that he realised that Australians were not utilising these assets (coupled with a love of the country) and decided to revert back to his original passion and opened a traditional style japanese restaurant that is still operating in nearby Frankston.

Over the past 5-10 years he has noticed there has been an ever increasing number of "Japanese-style" sushi hand roll outlets popping up all over Melbourne. Accepting there is a market for such cuisine he decided to push on with his traditional style cuisine, but make it a little more accessible for take away lunches or delivery for home.